Dawning of the Age

My life has become an interesting amalgamation recently, and i thought I'd share.

So, I have decided to re-finance my house, in order to do some house upgrades.  So, after the countless phone calls, talking to innumerable individuals about innumerable finance options, I have finally almost completed that phase.  The next phase involves planning out home improvements.

My volunteer life has blossommed, as I am now becoming webmaster for my local USA Dance chapter and Performance Team, which will take up much of my time as well.

And, I'm still preparing for a Ballroom dance competition.

Plus, in all of that, I am trying to squeeze in as much time with my lady as I can fit.

Between all of this, I have finally decided that I this must be the dawning of a new age.  Not sure what age, but all I know is that I have not played a video game in over a week now, maybe even closer to 2, which is incredibly odd for me.

So, in checking various things, such as my horoscope, I don't get any insight.  Therefore, I have decided to term this the Dawning of the Age of Enwilderment.  Yup, sortof similar to enlightenment, but more similar to bewilderment, as my life goes through upheavals.  

The upheavals as fun, like rollercoasters, but I will look forward to when it gets back to a slightly more even keel, and stops shaking beneath my feet.  ( How many metaphors can you mix in one sentence?)

Until then, I'll keep having a blast riding the wave.

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First Question and Answer

So, what is up with the name, you ask?

Well, an Annulus is a ring, but a solar annulus in particular is the ring of the sun that is visible during an eclipse, when the moon is farther away from earth, thus making an annulus visible, instead of the penumbra, even though it is a solar eclipse.

So why did I choose it?  Well, first of all, the name SolarEclipse was taken.  But, as I was thinking of a different name I realized that during a total eclipse, there are secrets of the sun revealed that can never normally be seen.  Whereas with an Annular Eclipse, it still is very special, but you don' t get to see the unknown just by looking up, you still have to put a little bit of effort into it.

So, perhaps I will create a few groups later to start posting some of the "Flares", "Umbra", and other things along that line.... or perhaps not, I suppose time will tell.

And so it begins... again

So, being new to livejournal, I typed of a first post, and it was a doozy, absolutely wonderful, and as I went to post, I saw something asking me for Tags.  So, wondering what that was, I clicked on the little Question Mark... which took me to a new page answering my question... and got rid of everything I had typed, so, here we go again...


And thus begins my foray into the world of Blogging, LJ'ing, LiveJournaling, communicating, or whatever having a live journal and posting is appropriately called.  I will work hard to not give into my feelings that posting here is nothing more than self-aggrandizement in a bad way, and see it be that in a good way instead.

So, what started me posting on LJ you ask?  Well, as most good stories, it all began with a girl, or more accurately, a Lady...
And the rest, as they say, is history.  

I'll fill in the story above as time passes, and I will honestly, and completely try to answer one question a week.